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Best Waterproof Mattress Pad

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Best Waterproof Mattress Pad
Waterproof Mattress Pads

Top Best Waterproof Mattress Pad

Mattress pad is one item you can count on when it comes to keeping your mattress clean and safe. But not all pads will do the work for you. Waterproof mattress pads will go a long way to keep your expensive mattress safe since it prevents any form of fluids from seeping through to your mattress, these fluids can cause the mattress to tear and crack hence reducing its life. That is the reason we are going to reveal the best waterproof mattress pad for 2018.

Waterproof mattress pads not only secure your expensive mattress from fluids, but they also improve your mattress comfort, protecting it from stains, dust mites and any form of allergens. Feel free to go through our list below to see which is the best waterproof mattress pad with top quality features for your mattress.

Best Waterproof Mattress Pads Comparison and Reviews


Best Waterproof Mattress Pad

Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Protector Pad

• Style: Twin
• Size: 3 inches
• Weight: 2.6 pounds
• Breathable
• Material: Fabric
•Dimensions: 12.8 x 12.1 x 3"

Best Waterproof Mattress Pad

PUREgrace Crib Mattress Protector

• Style: Baby safe layer
• Size: 10-inch
• Natural tencel cover
• Weight: 1.19 pounds
• Dimensions: 52 x 28 x 10"

Best Waterproof Mattress Pad

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Waterproof Pad with Straps

• Style: Full
• Size: 3-inches
• Machine washable
• Material: Organic cotton
• Weight: 5 pounds
• Dimensions: 15 x 14 x 3"

Best Waterproof Mattress Pad

Waterproof Mattress Pad Queen

• Style: Queen
• Size: 17 inches
• Hypoallergenic
• Material: Cotton
• Weight: 2.75 pounds
• Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 17"

Best Waterproof Mattress pad

Saddle Style Reusable Waterproof Bed Pad

• Style: Twin size
• Size: 3.5-inch
• Fully absorbent
• Weight: 2.15 pounds
• Dimensions: 13.4 x 12.4 x 3.5"


Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Protector Pad

Best Waterproof Mattress Pad
Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Protector Pad

Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Protector is made with a ultra-thin waterproof membrane at the center that prevents liquids from passing through the mattress therefore preventing your mattress from tearing apart. This will also make your mattress last long hence saving you money in the long run.

To say Naturepedic organic is the best waterproof mattress pad is just but an over simplification, the materials are super high quality which make this twin mattress pad, they are soft hence they feel extremely soft on your skin thereby improving the level of comfort.

The materials are also well breathable to provide more comfort while also blocking dust-mites and any form of allergens making this mattress waterproof pad your number one choice is you have healthy issues related to allergy.

What makes this the best waterproof mattress pad is the membrane made by Dry Sleep technology for efficiently blocking liquids from seeping through the mattress. The pad is also made of 100% cotton clothing without adding other materials which could result into safety issues. The Naturepedic Organic waterproof pad doesn’t have air pollutant and flammable materials hence 100% safe for indoor use.


PUREgrace Crib Mattress Protector

PUREgrace Crib Mattress Protector is waterproof mattress pad made purely with natural hypoallergenic materials that are extremely soft making it the best suited for your baby’s soft skin. The outer covering is naturally made with tencel cover from eucalyptus sourced fibers for enhancing smoothness and luxury for that comfortable sleeping surface. The materials are also non allergic hence they are great for your baby’s skin.

This waterproof crib mattress protector is also made to make a soft padded layer that does not cluster, compress or lose their form after you wash like most conventional waterproof mattress protectors.

The pad is also the best alternative to vinyl layers since they are completely non solvents, non-vinyl, non pvc hence providing a baby sleeping environment free from dangerous and toxic air and other materials which will compromise the safety and health of your baby.

This waterproof pad is also designed well plus their good quality materials enable them to fit well on mattress with their reinforced deep pockets at the corners forming a smooth and sleek surface when stretched.

When it comes to hygiene, you can compromise your choice for an easy to clean mattress pad. The PUREgrace waterproof mattress pad is machine washable and drying hence you don’t need to warry when it comes to keeping your mattress pad clean and tidy.

Making it one of the best waterproof mattress pad for baby mattress, this pad has a 10-year warranty which tells you that the manufacturer is confident that the pad is high quality and well durable.

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Waterproof Pad with Straps

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Waterproof mattress pad is designed to be soft and efficiently breathable hence improving your sleeping experience like never before.

It also features a non-sweaty and 100% waterproof membrane barrier that is also capable of preventing your mattress from dust-mites and allergens hence you never worry about allergy skin effects.

The cotton fiber materials are pure with no chemicals or plastic additives that will produce toxic smells hence posing a threat to your health.

With top quality materials, the upper and lower layers are made with ultra-thin membrane with a cutting edge DRY Sleep technology for efficiently preventing fluids from seeping through your mattress which can reduce the life of your mattress by causing it to wear faster.

The materials have well interconnected air space in order to improve fabric breathability, this will make sure your body heat is well regulated keeping you comfortable until you wake up. Also, because of this excellent breathability, water vapor is able to seep out quite efficiently resulting into a less sweaty body while you sleep.

Given these quality features, the Naturepedic organic cotton is the best waterproof mattress pad in its class and an excellent alternative to vinyl and latex mattress pads.

The pad also measures 53-inches by 75-inches, able to cover all most any mattress comfortably without struggling to stretch your mattress pad.

With 100% natural cotton fiber, this waterproof mattress pad provides a smooth, soft and sleek surface hence improving your sleeping comfort more than you can imagine. Wake up every morning fully recharged and relaxed ready to face another day with the best waterproof mattress pad that is organic with pure cotton fiber.

Waterproof Mattress Pad Queen

Queen Waterproof Mattress pad is arguably the best waterproof mattress pad that you get at an insanely fair price without worrying about the quality and performance. This pad will give you everything you need like any other high quality waterproof mattress pad without interfering with your budget at all.

It’s designed to be 100% waterproof hence keeping your mattress completely clean and dry and free from those horrible stains, dampness, vapor, dust mites and allergens hence keeping you comfortable and relaxed all night long.

With top quality materials, the pad is composed of super breathable layers allowing the air to circulate efficiently and free hence keeping your body cool and extremely comfortable. The materials also enable the pad to fit well even in those deep mattress while still preventing huddling to keep your bed soft, smooth and sleek.

Waterproof Mattress pad queen is also made with three-layer protection upper surface plus the microfiber polyester filling for improving air flow.

The lower layer is TPU made to ensure its waterproof and is also vinyl free hence the pad is very quiet and you never get disturbed by those crinkly noise common in most mattress pads.

Lastly, this waterproof pad comes with a life time warranty which is a clear indication this is a high quality waterproof mattress pad which you get at an affordable price. For that cool, comfortable and rewarding sleep, this is the best waterproof mattress pad you will ever own at its price range.


Saddle Style Reusable Waterproof Bed Pad

Saddle Style Reusable Waterproof mattress pad for baby is made to give your baby the best and restful sleeping environment. It’s made with high quality materials for ensuring they absorb up to 10 cups of water with its multiple layers for efficient absorbency.

Saddle Style is also durable since the materials are quality and super easy to clean helping you keep the mattress clean and stain free.

It also features a soft flannel upper layer for improving comfort and is also quilted like a mattress, the top surface is soft enough for your baby’s soft skin in order to keep him or her comfortable at all times.

You will keep the mattress and pad clean at all times since its machine washable. The pad measures 34-inches by 36-inches plus an 18” tuck to ensure the pad fits efficiently and securely. All its features and price considered, the Saddle Style is considerably one of the best waterproof mattress pad for crib mattresses.

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