Best Adjustable Beds

Best Adjustable Beds

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6 Top Best Adjustable Beds

Since they were invented, adjustable beds have mostly been used in hospitals until recently where people started using them at home for comfort or providing relief to people with various conditions. Nowadays, they have become very common among people who want to improve their sleeping environment or be it bed resting. Due to many models from different brands out there, it’s not an easy task choosing the right choice of your preferred adjustable bed. That’s why we are going to help you get the finest quality bed by looking at the best adjustable beds that are locking today.

Best Adjustable Beds
Ease Adjustable Bed Base

We selected the best sellers and popular adjustable beds and after looking at their features we filtered them down to come up with the top best adjustable beds which will definitely suit your needs whether you are looking for comfort or post recovery.

What is an Adjustable Bed?

These are beds with many hinges that enables them to be adjusted to various sleeping positions. You can incline your upper or lower body parts and many adjustable beds will allow you to independently adjust your head and feet position.

The  Best Adjustable Beds Comparison And Reviews


Best Adjustable Beds
Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base

• Style: Twin XL
• Size: 12 inches
• Weight: 130 Pounds
• Material: Steel
•Dimensions: 80×39×14.8"

Best Adjustable Beds
Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base

• Size: King
• Material: Fabric
• Weight: 118 Pounds
• Dimensions: 79.5 x 37.5 x 15"

Best Adjustable Beds
ShipShape Adjustable Bed Base

• Size: Twin XL
• Weight: 47 lbs
• Material: Metalic
• Dimensions: 40 x 34 x 9"

Best Adjustable Beds
Hofish One-Step Assembly Customizable Positions

• Size: Queen
• Weight: 138 lbs
• Material: Steel
•Dimensions: 59.5 x 79.5 x 13.9"

Best Adjustable Beds
Sealy Ease Adjustable Bed

• Style: Twin XL
• Material: Metal
• Weight: 126 Pounds
• Dimensions: 79.5 x 37.5 x 8"

Best Adjustable Beds
Pragma Bed Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame

• Style: King
• Material: Metal
• Weight: 161 lbs
• Dimensions: 76 x 80 x 14"

 The reason as to why some people prefer these beds is the mostly the ability to sleep in sleep in various positions in in order to provide you with maximum comfort.

Best Adjustable Beds
Flatbed Platform Adjustment

Some good adjustable beds will enable you to adjust to flatbed so that you can sleep in a flat position

Best Adjustable Beds
Head Up Bed Adjustment

You can also choose to sleep with your head up and this is great for those enjoy reading a book or watching a movie while relaxing in bed.

Best Adjustable Beds
Feet Up Bed Adjustment

Some folks would prefer sleeping with their feet up hence adjusting your foot position even up to 50-degrees according to your needs.


You can also rest comfortably by adjusting your foot and foot positions to achieve that ultimate comfort that can only come from an adjustable bed.

Top 6 Best Adjustable Beds in 2018

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Bed Base with Wireless Remote

Best Adjustable BedsClassic Brands Adjustable Comfort Adjustable Bed Base is considerably one of the best adjustable beds in the market today and definitely the most popular among adjustable bed lovers.

With the Classic Brands bed base, you will love your bedroom like never before by enjoying a luxury lifestyle since this bed base is built to offer you maximum comfort without side effects leaving you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

The design is what makes this bed base my choice since its well tweaked so that you can breathe well, lessen snoring, acid reflux and still increase your blood flow while resting on this premium bed.

It features a programmable elevation positions, head and foot massage, USB ports to charge your devices plus a wireless remote. The base is designed innovatively so that it never makes any noise plus the programmable lounge, TV, Computer and zero gravity positioning.


  • Comes with a 3-speed separate dual head and foot massage to relax and sooth your body
  • Flexible legs for three different height options
  • Programmable positions for your head and legs
  • Mattress retention ability preventing your mattress from sliding
  • Remote control and USB ports to charge your devices
  • Can be used with all kinds of mattresses like latex, memory foam and air mattress
  • Its super easy to assemble


  • Some buyers have complained about the bed being quite heavy


  • Size: Full
  • Leg heights: 4-inches, 6.5-inches, 10.5-inches
  • Warranty: 3-years
  • Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 14.8 inches
  • Style: Adjustable Base Only
  • Weight: 124 pounds


LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base


Best Adjustable beds
LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base is yet another top bed base that is also popular for its quality, design and performance hence making it to our best adjustable beds that you should consider. One great thing about L300 adjustable bed base is it’s featured innovative anti snore design. With this design, the bed aligns the spine for more comfort plus head positioning which can be set from 10 to 30 degrees to lessen snoring and ease congestion for more relaxing sleep.

It also features a folding hinge which makes its shipping more efficient while making installation and setup so easy without the need of an expert to set it up.

Lucid L300 also comes with an independent head incline for making it easy and comfortable to read watch while still relaxing.



  • It’s designed with hinges for easy shipping and setup and assembly
  • USB charging ports on both sides of your bed for convenient charging
  • Remote control plus the programmable positions to set the bed to your preferred position
  • Well-furnished frame for more stylish look and feel
  • Head and foot incline which can be adjusted independently



  • Size: Twin XL
  • Weight: 118 pounds
  • Dimensions: 37.5 x 79.5 x 15 inches
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Style: Adjustable base only


ShipShape Adjustable Base


Best Adjustable BedsShipshape Adjustable Bed Base comes from Legged & Platt, one of the best furniture companies in the world that has built its reputation for making high quality beds, bedding support and even casual seating.

Shipshape is incredibly designed with head and foot articulation up to zero gravity position in order to help you with stress relief and sores. It also features a tethered remote control so that you can adjust your bed remotely to your preferred position.

When you buy Shipshape adjustable bed, it comes as a complete set with legs, remote control, retainer, and all required hardware plus the assembly and setup guide to help you get started. Many buyers have give Ship shape positive rating an indication that this is also among the best adjustable beds in the market.


  • Adjustable head and foot articulation for more relaxed comfort
  • Designed with body angle adjustment to help relief pain and reduce snoring
  • Wired remote control
  • Compatible with most mattresses like foam, innerspring and air mattresses
  • Designed with ultra-light construction and UPS-shippable packaging for easy and efficient shipment
  • 25-year warranty


  • Minor complaints about the remote system not operating well


  • Size: Twin XL
  • Remote control: Wired
  • Weight: 47 pounds
  • Dimensions: 40 x 34 x 9 inches
  • A Whisper quiet motor with 450 lbs.


HOFISH Easy Assembly Customizable


Best Adjustable BedsHofish one step Assembly is featured in our list of best adjustable beds for those who may be recovering from a recent operation, supporting circulation and breathing issues since its designed to help them recover by offering the best sleeping and relaxing environment.

The design is also perfect for those who loves reading, watching television and even relaxation after a tiresome day.

Another great feature is the one step design that makes Hofish adjustable bed very easy to setup and assemble. With Hofish you don’t need a motor assembly and you don’t even require an expert to set up the bed.

Hofish One Step also comes with a powerful noise free motor for seamless transition from one position to the other without any form of noise during transition. The powerful motor has weight of 750 lbs that is well distributed at the bed base.


  • Designed for easy assembly and setup
  • Comfort design for reading, TV watching and relaxing
  • Perfect choice for people recovering from surgery and other ailments
  • Comes with a noise free motor technology
  • Wireless remote control
  • Two sided USB port enabling you to charge your devices regardless of the bed position


  • Some have complained about Hofish not Synchronizing well for king beds


  • Size: Twin XL
  • Weight: 95 pounds
  • Wall mounted AC adapter
  • Dimensions: 79.5 x 38.5 x 13.9 inches


Best Adjustable Beds
Ease Adjustable Bed

Sealy Ease Adjustable Base

Ease Adjustable Bed Base comes from Sealy company which is a well-established company and widely known for making good quality products. Ease is so far one of the best adjustable beds from the Sealy brands. With this adjustable bed you can remotely control your head and leg lifting for almost any preferred position that will make you relax fully.

With a wide range of these positions, you will be able to read your favorite book or magazine, watch TV or even sleep comfortably in this luxurious bed.

Ease Adjustable Bed Base comes with a user friendly wireless remote control and a pre-programmed pair with the base plus you can adjust your head and legs independently to help you relax even more comfortably.

It’s also designed with ability to adjust your head up to 60-degrees and your legs to 50-degrees from the bed’s flat position for better body alignment, yet you can easily adjust back the flat position with a single press of a button.


  • With Ease you can adjust to virtually any position to raise your head and legs
  • You can place the base on your bedframe or the floor with super easy assembly
  • User friendly wireless remote control with flatbed button
  • 15 years of frame warranty


  • Two Bases Needed to Complete a King Mattress


  • Size: Twin XL/Split King
  • Weight: 126 lbs
  • Dimensions: 37.5 x 79.5 x 8 inches
  • Head and foot position adjustments
  • Bed flat positioning
  • LED light remote in darker areas

Pragma Bed Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame

Best Adjustable Beds
Pragma Bed Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame

Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame is built to provide you with the best sleeping comfort plus it comes with various health benefits to users since it helps to improve blood circulation, eliminating back pain, and acid reflux and is also a perfect choice for surgery patients as they recover. Pragmatic is among the best adjustable beds with multiple health benefits.

It comes with foldable bed frame with many size features plus advanced design to allow efficient adjustment of head and feet positions.

You can tilt your head to your most preferred position for reading, watching a movie or even working with your notebook in bed. With its innovative design the assembly is easy and efficient and you won’t require tools to setup your bed.


  • Easy head and feet adjustment for virtually any position
  • Quiet DC motor
  • Its designed with capped feet to avoid any damage to your floor
  • It contains wired support to protect the mattress
  • Pragmatic is designed with additional health benefits especially those recovering from surgery
  • Super easy assembly
  • Foldable frames for easy transportation


  • Nothing to say so far


  • Size: King
  • Weight: 161 lbs
  • Dimensions: 76 x 80 x 14 inches
  • Color: Gray

 Advantages of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds come with many benefits although they may vary based on their design and cost. From luxury to health reasons, these types of beds offer great benefits to users.

  • Relaxation

Adjustable beds are in many cases used to provide relaxation since they enable you to sleep in various positions hence giving you ultimate sleeping comfort. You can even comfortably watch TV or read your favorite book or magazine while in bed.

  • Health Benefits

Another great thing with adjustable beds is the health benefits they can bring to users by improving blood circulation, breathing and body sores, and providing a good recovery environment for surgery patients.

  • Improved comfort

The ultimate goal for adjustable beds is that they are designed with comfort in mind. They can offer great comfort than conventional beds hence making them ideal for people who are suffering from chronic pains to help relief it.

  • Adjust sleeping positions

For people with mobility problems, these beds are the most ideal choice since they enable these types of people to change positions or wake up just by adjusting head or upper body positions.

Disadvantages of Adjustable Beds

  • Cost

Compared to conventional beds, adjustable beds whether they come with or without mattresses are costlier. But if you can take time when buying one, you will always get a good deal out there and still get a good quality adjustable bed.

  • Breakdown

Like any other mechanical or electric device, these adjustable beds are also prone to breakdown, you can greatly reduce these chances of breakdown by making sure you select a high quality adjustable bed.

Adjustable Beds Buyers Guide- How to choose the best adjustable bed

There are various things you should consider when looking forward to buying a good quality adjustable bed. In a nutshell these are the things you should look for in good quality adjustable bed.

  • A good adjustable bed should be flexible, with flexibility you can adjust your feet and head to virtually any position. You should consider a bed that includes common adjustments for lower and upper bed positions.
  • Also, you should also consider the beds durability, durable beds are made with high quality materials like steel.
  • Although most adjustable beds are made to fit many types mattresses, a good bed should be able to fit most mattresses from memory foam, latex and air mattress.
  • You should also consider a beds warranty; most reputable brands out there will include genuine warranties unlike some companies which give fake promises based on warranties. A warranty going for considerable period of time is an indication that a company stands behind the quality and durability of their beds.


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